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Since 2008, David Newns & Chris Lord have created significant value through incubating big ideas and disposing of them to FTSE 100 companies

Mustard Kick is the family office of David Newns & Chris Lord. Through our family office, we invest our own capital in businesses.

Our aim is to achieve superior returns on our capital deployed through a hands-on approach to incubating big ideas and using our experience to develop winning strategies for those companies.


We have built two successful companies and sold them to FTSE 100 corporations.


Our teams recognise us for our vision, leadership, and a deep understanding of the detail.


Chris Lord


I'm an innovator at heart, I love solving complex problems and working through the night with amazing people to push the boundaries of what's possible.

In 2019 I was the most prolific innovator in the UK with more patent applications than any other inventor.

David Newns


I love building businesses, developing teams, and creating winning strategies to enable success.

My experience of founding startups coupled with my time at Imperial Brands as part of the executive committee has given me a unique perspective of both sides of the fence. Helping me think through how our portfolio companies will fit culturally into a large company when the time is right.

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