Our Strategies.

Seed & Venture Capital

We invest at seed stage via Fearless Adventures using our' Embedded Venture' model of capital and support across; strategy, marketing, data analytics, financial reporting, talent and M&A capabilities



We offer debt financing via SME Capital to allow profitable companies to grow faster as well as financing other event driven opportunities such as MBO's and acquisitions


Buy & Build Strategies

We invest in Buy & Build strategies led by industry leading individuals with a strong pipeline of well priced targets. We can support with in-house M&A and due diligence capabilities.


Charlie Yates: cy@contradocapital.com

Public to Private Strategies

We are involved in a number of P2P opportunities and are interested to hear from individuals who believe we can work together in this area.

David Newns: david.newns@mustardkick.com


We support our portfolio companies/founders as well as our close contacts achieve outstanding returns through exits to trade or PE backed trade buyers.


Charlie Yates: cy@contradocapital.com

Trading Team

Our in-house trading team develop and execute equity, commodity and forex strategies.